Permanent Makeup By RZ

                    Do you struggle with daily makeup application?

           RZ can help save your time  and make less frustration  every morning with lasting,natural permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup provides a smudge-proof, natural appearance so you can meet each day with confidence and never struggle with makeup application again.

Our services:

Microblading                    $500

Micro blading  is a manual  Micro stroking technique used to create the appearance of brow hairs. 

Ombre Brows                  $450

This is machine technique which achieves a natural soft powder look. By brushing the skin with single nano needle, we build the pigment layer by layer, producing a gradient of color from dark to light.

Combo Brows                $550

The combo brow combines the hair strokes of micro blading with the shading of Ombre. This achieves the most natural looking possible for the brow with more of a 3D effect.

Tinted lips                    $500

Tinted lips helps to enhance  your natural shape,giving your lips a contour and color without  seeing a defining line.

Winged eyeliner           $400

This eyeliner gives you " cat look"   eyes look and serves as a base for your makeup.

Dusty eyeliner                 $450

This is a multi-faceted  technique which creates  eyeliner and shading.

Lash enhancement       $350

The most natural looking eyeliner! This eyeliner sits directly on the top lash line and blends into your lashes.

In price includes 2 visits spaced  one month apart.

Touch ups after 1 year and later is $250-$350

  Are you ready to wake up with makeup?

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